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Who is next click

Next Click is an online media network that operates thousands of domain names for paid search, direct advertisements, and developmental purposes.

Next Click utilizes, and has expanded upon, the vertical site application concept created by Internet Pioneer David Shaul in the early 90's as the basis for the most powerful and effective advertising method available today. The vertical application concept is now practically an Internet standard for advertising networks.

It is likely that you may not have heard of Next Click before, but it is very likely that you have visited a Next Click Internet property. The vertical ad marketing concept we use is well proven and is now being promoted by most top marketing professionals. Next Click properties and verticals are constantly updated and enhanced to ensure that our web sites are relevant to each visitor experience.

-- Your next click is Next Click.


Next Click - Investigator and anti-fraud Domain LINKS

This is a list of a few of our domains within our investigation and anti-fraud portfolio for which we are currently accepting offers. If you are interested in making an offer on a domain name within our generic domain name portfolio, please visit